Reign – Responsive Shopify Theme

We are very excited to show off our new, responsive Shopify theme, Reign. Its quite possbily the most unique and customizable responsive Shopify theme available to date. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Responsive Design: Reign is the most complete responsive Shopify theme available. We’ve customized every template available all the way through the entire checkout process which most other themes leave off. We’ve taken the extra step to make this responsive Shopify theme truly the best. It will adapt to different monitor sizes and devices giving your customers the ultimate experience when browsing your store.

  • Product Image Galleries: We’ve built-in two great options for displaying your product photos in this theme. You can either choose the enlarging of the photos when they are clicked or zooming in on the product photo when hovering it. You can demo both and choose which you prefer in a matter of seconds! Both can have multiple photos.

  • Variant Color to Image Linking: We’ve also built-in the ability to link your “Color” variants to specific images for your products. This will show the photo of the variant when selected. Huge bonus for stores that use the color variant and simple to use.

  • Theme settings: We’ve create dozens of settings that give you the ability to take the theme and customize it to your needs. You can change virtually every color, font and content settings with simple predefined options. You can choose what elements to feature on your home page including best selling products, slideshow, 3 ad spaces and other various content types. It’s by far the most customizable theme you’ll find.

  • Built-in contact form: A simple contact form that will email the shop owner the details once its been submitted. You can choose what page to use it on through a setting in Reign.

  • SEO Optimized: From our coding techniques to the implementation of Microformats, this theme is one of best performing Shopify theme you can buy to date.

  • Social Sharing: With built-in links to your social networks and sharing options on the product pages, Reign is a wondering example of how your Shopify store and social sharing should work.

We think it will be a hit in the Shopify theme store. There’s a few screenshots below, you’ll can demo each preset by clicking on the screenshot:

Reign Air Home Page - The Best Responsive Shopify ThemeReign Min Home Page - The Best Responsive Shopify ThemeReign Light Home Page - The Best Responsive Shopify ThemeReign Omni Home Page - The Best Responsive Shopify Theme
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